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    Version 1.17

    What's new? Some fixes in the Combat Tracker. Fatigue accounting (and the addition of a Fatigue recover option). Races!

    You can create races and then drag-and-drop them onto a character sheet. Racial attributes (including attacks and defenses) will be added to the character sheet. Starting characteristics will be assigned to the character only if they are currently 0 (so it won't overwrite a character you have already started editing).

    (As usual, what you see in the screenshot is from my personal library - actual races from TFT are not included in the ruleset; you must create your own.)
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    TFT was the first RPG I ever played as a small kid with my older brothers, way back in Stranger Things days... Good stuff.

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    OMG The Fantasy Trip was the first RPG I played and ran. Love it. Thanks for you hard work!!!

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    Request for comments

    Version 1.18 is below, with minor fixes.


    Per the attached image, right now any character can choose their "Mode" of attack on their character sheet, which is reflected on the Combat Tracker (visible to the GM). This is mostly to tell the GM "What is this character doing this round?" but it can also affect the order in which characters are arranged on the CT. For example, if you choose "Charge" then you go to the top of the CT (since Charges happen before other attacks). If you choose "Bow 2/T" (meaning your character has a weapon and AdjDX that allows 2x shots per turn) then on the CT, each time you attack you will toggle between "1st shot" and "2nd shot" (going to the bottom of the CT in the latter case).

    You can also see several Options with arrows at the bottom - Dodge, Defend, Other, and None. Clicking this (instead of a weapon attack) also shows up on the CT.

    So my questions:

    1. I do not particularly like "Bow 1/T" and "Bow 2/T" to represent all ranged attacks. AFAIK the only "canonical" weapon that can fire twice per turn in TFT is a bow, but I would still prefer "Missile." (OTOH, "Bow" is shorter, saving valuable screen real estate.)

    2. Right now, each attack has no less than 7 modes to choose from: Melee, HTH, Throw, Bow 1/T, Bow 2/T, Charge, Jab. In practice, you usually won't change it once set. But it is valuable for the GM to know at a glance that Fred is in HTH while Joey is prepping her second arrow, and Haphaestus is Charging. OTOH, it seems like too many choices and in practice, I have found players don't want to do this much clicking. The only options that actually change your CT order are Charge and Bow 2/T. So I am debating what options should actually be present.

    3. Along the same lines, Dodge, Defend, and Other (for some non-combat action) are all pretty clear. And Dodge and Defend, while not implemented yet, will actually automate the extra dice an attacker must roll against you. However, the other dev feels that it's useful for the GM to know whether you're doing some "Other" action or just holding/doing nothing (i.e., "None"). I think he'd just say that verbally, and it's adding an unnecessary additional option, and frankly, I think we should get rid of both "Other" and "None" (you can just deselect all arrows and you appear as "?" on the CT. GM: "What are you doing Fred? Trying to Disbelieve? Okay, cool.")

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    "Hits" makes little sense, replace with adjMana and reduce adjST by wounds and Fatigue.

    adjIQ could be replaced with the base Mana level.

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    AdjST is for someone whose ST is modified by a spell (e.g. Aid) or other effects. It doesn't represent hit points. Ditto AdjIQ. Admittedly those are both rare situations.

    "Mana" isn't a TFT term either, but I have been unsure how to represent Fatigue points held in a Staff.

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    ITL 11: "Mana – A stat of the wizard’s staff. A staff can store ST equal to its mana."
    So replace "Hits" with "Power" and start this at the total of available Mana and Powerstone charge in the inventory. (This is then reduced as these sources are depleted.)

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    Version 1.19

    Only a few minor changes (including correcting the to-hit table). Range modifiers should work now.
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    This is fantastic! I have a campaign that I've been working on in Realm Works. I'll spend some time this weekend moving it into Unity and seeing how it works. Great job and thank you!

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    Quick question. I noticed in your screenshots, you have the weapons and talents programmed into your character sheets. Do we populate these ourselves or has someone created a module with the weapons or talents included?

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