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    Thanks for the quick replies...this morning I’m re-reading the Pathfinder Society Guide rules and am a bit wiser for it. Baby steps!

    I will definitely be online Sunday, and will get my 1st level cleric registered. I will logon early to help make sure any last minute items get taken care of, and to make sure teamspeak client is working.

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    I joined the session on the FG-calendar! This is my first time playing PFS2 on FG, so I have to create a new caracter on FG. I hope, that someone can give me a bit of assistance with the creation.

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    I can usually have to server up UTC evenings or on the weekends for you to build your characters, if I know it in advance.

    Make sure to load up the Core Rulebook and open the tracker, after that it's mainly drag-and-drop (see e.g. here).

    Let me know if you need further assistance with character creation.

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    If you can have your server up tonight I can put my cleric on it for you to checkout and offer any feedback

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    Between now and around 9.30 PM UTC I should be able to have the server up. So let me know when you need it.

    (I hope that link did not imply in any way you need a cleric for this scenario, it was the first link I found.)

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    Comment removed...I was able to connect!!!
    Last edited by kpmyers1964; March 19th, 2020 at 19:40.

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    @kpmyers1964: If you have moment, could you edit your previous post to delete the alias? While usually there aren't too many issues, there sometimes are players randomly connecting, looking for a game.

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    sorry about that, comment removed. thanks for helping with the ins and outs!!

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