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    At least three people would be able to bring a level 4, at least one person a level 3. One player will bring a pregen (level 1 or 4, still TBD), one presumably a level 1 (though if everyone else is in the higher subtier, I'd heavily recommend taking a level 4 pregen).

    Edit: The issue is that I've already had level 1 character deaths happen at subtier 1-2 with unlucky rolls, so playing a level 1 in subtier 3-4 will not improve the situation. While they can survive it, there's a decent risk.
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    FYI: Unfortunately no boon slots in this one again (quests).

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    Is there interest for SFS either SAT March 28th 6.30 PM UTC or SUN March 29th 11.30 AM / 12 PM UTC (be aware DST may come into effect!)?

    Most likely a 7-10 scenario (2-04 Future's Fall, 2-18 Forbidden Tides or maybe 2-20 Shades of Spite).

    Note I'll also take PFS2 responses (in the latest PFS2 thread) into account to determine the time.

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    (I'd be interested in the Sunday slot, but don't have a level 7 character yet.)

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    I'd be interested. Although for 2-04 and 2-18, I'd have to check whether I have a replay available.
    (also Saturday slot would probably better for me, Sunday can get a bit tight for me.)
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