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    New to FG, looking for D&D 3.5 games

    Hi, I'm new to FG, and I'd like to get in some D&D 3.5 games. I've played alot of D&D 3.5, but recently moved to an area that seems anemic as far as gamers go. Hoping to get into some games on here.

    Please let me know if you have a game I can join. I'm available pretty much any weekday after 5pm PST(-8 GMT), or Saturdays anytime.
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    You are welcome to sign up for my Rappan Athuk Open Table D&D Game on Saturdays Noon PST. RA is a straight dungeon crawl if you like those type of games. Here is a link to the game forum on the Four Ugly Monster forums. The three stickies at the top have all the campaign and character set up details. You need to register to see the forums.
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