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    Deadlands Reloaded - Card Table help

    **Edit realized I did not mention Deadlands**

    If anyone could direct me to a place i could find help on how to utilize the card table it would be really appreciated. I am having 2 issues.

    First I cannot seem to have a card game with players (Me as Marshal) without everyone seeing everyones cards, me seeing everyones cards, or me seeing no ones cards. I would like to be able to add a NPC to the card table and see just their cards as the Posse plays against the house.

    Second what are the paramenters to adding a person to the table? I to be able to add some NPC's but not others.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Really hoping someone can offer some help here. We are playing tomorrow and I still haven't found a good source for how to solve my issues on the card table extension in Fantasy Grounds for the Deadlands Game.

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    Sorry, not on the forums much laterly. First should check using FGU or FGC?

    Checked under FGC. First, double check that you have "make hands private" set. Right click and at 6 position it should say "Make hands public", if its says "make hands private" you need to toggle it back.

    NPCs require a token linked to it, you can tell by looking at the top between ID icon and Speech Icon, if just a brown circle, it lacks a token link. TO link a token, if you are using one from module that doesn't have a token, you can copy it to a new category under NPCs and then drop them there, open up the new copy, unlock it (padlock icon at top, locked is closed, unlocked is open), then drop a token on its token Icon.

    You may not have noticed it not having one as SW gives a default token of the first letter if it doesn't have one already when dropping into Combat Tracker.

    Apologies if explanation is a bit much, but since you seemed a new user I was explaining as explicitly as possible.

    Also, there are 2 servers I am aware for FG support:
    Official FG Server:
    Unofficial Fantasy Grounds College, dont have link for that right now.
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