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    Oh snap that is super awesome.

    Just downloaded to 5e version cant wait try out. Sure do appreciate the work. And it would great if another DOE locations would come along and play nice with this.
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    How does the module works for the non-D&D systems?
    I can't see any "Content Generator 2020" group or anything similar. Do I have to enter the info manually? If so, then could you please tell me how that works.

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    Excellent work Jim!

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    A couple of awesome folks mentioned they wanted to send me actual, real money for my efforts and... that's AMAZING! A huge thank you to daddyogreman for already doing so- that's really incredible of you.

    So, I didn't think of that beforehand (which means I was unprepared for the questions!) but I logged into my paypal and there is a cool "Donate Button" feature.

    I'm not selling anything, but if you wanted to donate- I certainly won't stop you! Many, many beers are harmed in the making of these products- so the stock can never be full enough

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    Hello, I've tried to load the universal version it in core RPG and in MoreCore 1.54, but it doesnt seems to work...the module isnt shown on the module list of those rulesets. The universal version works perfectly in 5ed ruleset though.
    It is really a splendid work!
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    Yeah he forgot to take out the ruleset type in the definition xml
    "When questing once in noble wood of gray medieval pine, I came upon a tomb, rain-slicked, rubbed cool, ethereal, its inscription long vanished, yet still within its melancholy fissures."

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    I didn’t forget- I changed the ruleset type to “Any”

    I tried loading it in PFRPG and it worked like a charm? I will check again today and make sure something isn’t rotten in Denmark

    EDIT: AH-HA! I figured out the issue- my own dumb brain! I DID update the definition.xml to "Any", and then I tested it in PFRPG and it worked great! THEN... I noticed something I needed to change. So I (in a big hurry) changed it in FG and re-exported it... and like an idiot forgot to do the xml file edit again!

    Bear with me... I am fixing it now and re-uploading the new version with the proper xml edit. This takes a bit. The "Any Ruleset" version's link will be inop while I do so.

    Edit 2: FIXED!

    Let me know if it still doesn't work for some reason... because it should!
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    Hey Jimsocks have you heard anything on another similiar locations extension? It would be great if someone is working on one.

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    Unfortunately, no.

    For now I just move the items over to a note, and share it with the players. Then they can browse, and I just move the item to them when they buy one.

    If you generate the shop ahead of time, you can create the note, add it right to the generated shop story entry, and then during play you are ready to rock. The only thing this process misses out on is the “buy” button that added the item to and subtracted the money from the player’s inventory. Well, and it live-updated the shop’s stock too... I miss it.

    Honestly though the note way is perfectly fine once you get the hang of it.

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