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    Quote Originally Posted by ironsplitter View Post
    Agreed! I love the 'sharing tavern menu with players' option, but they have to have this Module loaded for that to work, and it takes a long time for this module to load for them. Unless there is a way to not have that as a requirement so players can see the menus?
    The menu should become a story entry once it's generated and then you just share the story that was created with the players. Not the generator itself.
    Fantasy Grounds Unity Lives! Good job, Smiteworks!

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    Ah, ok. I remember trying it before with a player and they could not read the descriptions or something. I believe they just saw the title, I can't remember exactly. Perhaps there is some other table I had loaded that they did not?

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    I heard mention that there were issues with Unity...is this still and issue?

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    Dude. You can't imagine how amazing it is, to come here after looking for something "that kinda works" on google, only to find this amazing work. Works perfeclty on the latest version of unity. Wondrers.

    Thank you!

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    Looking forward to check this out. Nice one!
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    Hello Everybody!

    First off- thanks for the positive feedback! Hearing messages like that is really motivating

    Secondly, coronavirus ops has me SLAMMED right now work and home-life wise, so I haven't been able to get after some initiatives with the mod since earlier this year. Here's what I'll be doing once I find the bandwidth, based on feedback:
    1. I'll make a "Content Generator 2020 lite" version, which will be everything except the city maps, as some of you said file size was a limiting factor for you.
    2. I'll be updating and adding more table entries to lots of tables
    3. Maaaybe I'll be able to write a new plotline for the campaign generator section. That would mean I would have to find a lot of bandwidth, however. So that's #3 for sure.

    Also I JUST found an extension that works AMAZINGLY WELL with the Merchant generators in my mod: Shops by Mattekure. Pick it up if you like awesome things.
    Find it here: https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...hp?59581-Shops

    Lastly, if you have any stories about how this mod made your game more immersive or fun I would LOVE to hear them!
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    As a new FG DM, thank you so much for this!!! Keep up the awesome work!

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    Well hello there, Ive found this mod just recently and it sounds like tons of fun and an actually useful thing, but Im getting errors when I try to download. Gives me a 404, any clues, any updates? Id like to try it out with my group soon.

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    Hello! I really appreciate your content generator, but I'm unsure if something is wrong, as when I use the story template I have a good amount of info missing from the generated story and instead the category its from listed instead. Unsure if I did something wrong?

    I included a picture for a better example of what i mean.
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    Oh my god. You may have just uncovered something that’s been driving me absolutely NUTS all day: you are having the EXACT same issue as I am, so I am beginning to think that the latest update broke story templates!

    I’ll link Moon Wizard over here to investigate!
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