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    Brand new player here

    Good evening, or whatever appropriate salutation might be for your time of day,

    So, I just installed FG, and am interested in starting to learn the game. Yes, I know, read the manual, and I intend to, but, it's 157 pages, so may take a me a little while to get through it, but I wouldn't mind finding some games that would take a new person under their wing and help boost my learning.

    I am 49 years old, male, and have played MMO games (everquest, world of Warcraft, Warhammer online, dark age of Camelot) for quite some time, but, after having watched the youtube series "Critical Role", it got me interested in the unpredictable, yet immersive style of tabletop roleplay, where you as the player make the decisions and determine the outcome of the adventure.

    I do not have time, due to my work schedule, to play on weekdays, which limites me to Saturdays and sundays. Generally any time of day during those days, unless im doing yardwork I also do not know of any local games that happen, though I could probably find one. This format, however, seems to help bridge that issue, by allowing people to match up across borders, so, I thought that I would give it a shot.

    If any group out there would like to take on a new party member, i'd be interested in joining. I don't mind playing any type of character, though, in my everquest days, I played a monk, but in pretty much all of my other MMO's, I played a healing character. Whatever the party needs, i'd be interested in filling a role, if a patient party would be interested in helping me learn the ropes.

    Look forward to hearing from any of you.

    Thank you,


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    Check out my post and let me know if you are interested. Look forward to hearing from you

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