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    WFRP 2e Mansion Map remade with DungeonDraft

    Ok, so I am really having fun with DungeonDraft Can't wait for a fuller token set!

    This is a remake of the Mansion map I made using CC3+ just to see ease of creation and style consistency with the other DD map I created. Feel free to use for your own needs...and comment if you have a "Hey you should do xyz."

    I made this map for a Warhammer adventure called For Love of Money.

    Dustermann Mansion 1st Floor (UPLOADED NEW MAP FOR ARTIFACT)
    map-FLoM-Dustermann Estate-1st Floor.jpg

    map-FLoM-Dustermann Estate-1st Floor-Dusk.jpg

    Dustermann Mansion 2nd Floor
    map-FLoM-Dustermann Estate-2nd Floor.jpg

    map-FLoM-Dustermann Estate-2nd Floor-Dusk.jpg
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    the owners should spend some gp on some carpets!

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    Quote Originally Posted by hawkwind View Post
    the owners should spend some gp on some carpets!
    I know really

    I updated OP to add a Dusk version of the maps.
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    Wonderful job friend :P it makes me wanna play more wfrp
    Big Hugs
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