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    Looking for 1 or 2 newbie players

    What I am looking for in a player: As some of my other players are quite new, this game will be a learning experience for them. A large helping of patience is an absolute necessity.

    I will not tolerate a D&D rules lawyer, if you are an expert in D&D or expect to constantly say this is how other DM’s do this… this game is not for you. I am not looking for someone that wants to constantly look everything up, and challenge the DM on every decision as that interrupts game play.

    I prefer older players, but that is not an absolute, I have played with some fantastic 16 year olds and some terrible 45 year olds.

    I tend to rely on FG to handle most combat rolls, and make personal off the cuff decisions on what abilities should apply on nearly everything else. I will listen to reason, but don’t want the focus of the game to become Player vs DM, when it should be Character vs the Story, opponents and situations

    I do not want a meta-gamer. I want a player that will suspend disbelief, and make decisions based on what their character would do, not what the player of a D&D game would do to best maximize results according to the rules. ( this is why I like new players, they focus more on what they want to do, than on a set of rules )

    I strongly discourage people constantly telling other players what they should do, play your own character, let them play theirs. This is particularly important for people new to the game. Making suggestions occasionally is ok, but if everyone’s turn starts with one player telling others how to play their character, I will put a stop to that.

    What I am like as a DM: This will be my first time as a DM, I am what you would call rules light DM, I rely less on the rules and more on what fits with the game and on our play style that changes depending on the mix of players. I am more focused on the story than I am the rules.

    I don’t spend all my time pouring over rules and systems, but on story elements and game flow. Battles are pre-set up in FG.

    I have a lot of patience and love new players, and will gladly take the time to make sure someone understands what is happening.

    I am looking for players that will commit, for the sake of the other players to make every effort to be on time

    This one shot tends to be story driven, hence are somewhat on rails with a good mix of RP and challenging combat.

    FG License: Players only need Free Demo ( GM has Ultimate License )

    Game System: D&D 5E

    Time Zone: Most of the other players are EST so times are posted as that.

    Start date: Saturday, March 14th, 830pm EST. That date is only 2 days from now. I can assist with character creation in FG, or will create your character if you send me a PDF.

    Duration & Frequency: One time session, will run about 3 hours

    Text or Voice: Voice Only, Mic required

    Voice software used: Discord

    Will this be recorded and/or live streamed? There is one player that may live stream/record it.

    Roleplay & Combat mix: 40/60

    Number of Players in game & needed: 4-5 players total, we already have 3 ( perhaps 4 )

    Character starting level & equipment: 7th level, standard basic starting equipment. I will add some lvl appropriate equipment before the session start. As other characters are already created, the party is in need of a Tank, Fighter or Paladin preferred, and/or a healer. Characters will be created directly into the Campaign with my assistance.

    Character restrictions: Only Good alignment ( my games are very good vs evil ), Single class characters only. Prefer classic classes, Fighter, Cleric, Rogue, Wizard, Paladin, Ranger. Other classes will be considered on a case by case basis. Druid for example would be OK but would not consider a Monk character. Evil characters will not be considered at all. A good hearted Rogue however who does like to steal is perfectly ok.

    Details of your scenario: Ice Maiden's Kiss, from the Creature Codex Lairs. Artic campaign with some environmental hazards to consider.

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    The best way to reply is to PM me and tell me something about yourself, experience, and style of play ( if any ), feel free to ask any questions you like..

    Something I forgot to post, using core rulebooks, Xnathar's, and other additions, no Unearthed Arcana. K.I.S.S is preferred

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    We have all slots filled, thanks to everyone that responded! Happy gaming!

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    oh, I would have loved to join this. looks like it's right up my alley. perhaps next time

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    Hiya I am very interested in joining any game. I m an old school gamer and not savvy on the new 3.5 and above stuff. So no rules lawyer here. Been playing World of Darkness mostly so I am more into the story telling part of the game and the role playing. I would be ok with me if you had a prerolled character for me to play. I can be reached at my email [email protected]

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