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    DCC Gongfarmer Extension (Random Level 0 Character Generator)

    Here's an extension I built to generate random level 0 DCC characters, in order to significantly streamline the prep for running DCC funnels in Fantasy Grounds. This requires the official DCC ruleset.

    Instructions are in the provided README.

    Please enjoy, and let me know if you have any feedback or encounter any problems with this extension.

    Uploaded v0.8, which fixes a breaking bug caused by a recent API change.
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    Hmm Just tried the ext - copied the .ext, started FG, created new Campaign - DCC - and started the table. Closed FG Intro screen, opened Characters, clicked on the white die... and:
    Script Error: [string "scripts/chargen.lua"]:149: attempt to index local 'dcc' (a nil value)
    The created character has no name and no equipment, not even a weapon - DCC-Generated.jpg

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    damned: Thanks!

    Roach: Ah - that error suggests that the DCC module hasn't been loaded. After you start your DCC campaign, make sure to select the "Dungeon Crawl Classics Role Playing Game" module from the module list. After that, it should work as expected.

    I'm not sure if there's a way for the extension to force load this module. I'll look into that and implement this if possible. Otherwise, I'll add a friendly error message with instructions to load the module.

    Thanks for giving it a shot!

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    Roach: I just uploaded version 0.2, which checks to make sure that the DCC module has been loaded before proceeding with character creation. If not loaded, it prints an error to the chat box, rather than proceeding to create a broken character.

    Also a minor improvement to how farmer types are handled, to work around a minor DCC ruleset issue.

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    This is awesome, thanks digitalhobbit! I will have the farmer thing fixed soon...

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    Quote Originally Posted by leozelig View Post
    This is awesome, thanks digitalhobbit! I will have the farmer thing fixed soon...
    Great, thanks leozelig. This wouldn't have been possible without your excellent ruleset!

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    I just published a minor update, which fixes an issue triggering character creation on clients. Note that for the best results, GMs should load both the GM and Player version of the DCC module before character generation, whether on the host or client. Otherwise, Occupation links won't open up on clients (a minor issue, in practice).

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    Thanks for this! Worked great on FG Classic. Tried it on Unity yesterday, but it didn’t work. Should it? Maybe I did something wrong.

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    I haven't tested this on Unity yet. I do have a license, so will give that a try when I have a chance. Hopefully just a simple fix.

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