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    Rolemaster Please help

    I have had the ruleset for years, but never run in FG before tonight. It was a disaster. I am not new to rolemaster, but I wanted to reach out to community to see what the heck I am doing wrong. I spent hours prepping maps, tokens, story, etc and thought all was good to go, but it was not, and I am hoping someone can direct me what I am doing wrong.

    1) this is the biggest problem of the night, TARGETTING
    I testing in my prep work using the combat tracker and theater of the mind as I had not built maps yet. I kept getting a dialogue box with some sort of LUA error if I dropped the attack dice on the target token icon in the tracker. If the tokens were physically dropped on a map, I could not target consistently, without first doing a dummy role to make the target accept. It got worse in session, as if I let the player try to target, they never could. I need to understand why I cannot target both host and client side as easily as I do in the 5e ruleset.... I would assume targetting works the same way, but I cannot figure this out for the life of me

    2) scaling issues. I added my maps after creating them in dungeon painter studio, and once imported into FG, but first step was to set a hex grid before any tokens were dropped. Whenever I drop tokens onto the map, they do not auto scale into the grid. I have to tinker to set the tokens just right then lock host side in order to get them to stay, but after watching a shared screen of one of my players screens, the tokens are NOT scaled on their end, even after I update client view. It is frustrating my players to the point they want to give up without giving it a fair chance and go back to 5e.

    3) Initiative. The character sheet itself does not show an initiative, and the tracker has no option to add any modifiers that I see. One of my players took the lightning reflexes background option, but her bonuses from that have no way to track when rolling in CT. I had to add a /die 2d10+(QU+plus extra modifiers) as a line of text on their sheets, and then have them cope it into chat window so they could add to the hot bar. At least that way they could manually drag their result to CT... but if CT has initiative, I would hope to find a way to track it accurately so I did not have to back door it.

    4) I used to use notes to share all kinds of images and such to my players in 5e, but I can do nothing to notes here to share anything, but the text typed in the note, is there a way for example to share an image as a clue to a specific player in notes for later reference?

    Thanks in advance and I appreciate your tips and hope they can save my game from player bail out. Thanks
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    Hi - some of these I can "quick fix" - I've been running a campaign for 2 years now.
    1) Targeting is a bit "glitchy" - the Ruleset sometimes struggles to pick up dice rolls on a toek on a map. I encountered this last Saturday. The fix was to re load FG. Everything worked after that. More reliably, you can use the CT and drop the attack onto the Character on the CT/
    2) Scaling - i.e drop character tokens onto the first map of the vening ... zoom in until the token is the right size. Lock the zoom. That keeps all the tokens the same size relative to the first. Individual tokens can then be resized by mousing over the token on the CT and scrolling up or down to incease/decrease size of that token.
    3) Initiative - I think (not sure how the players have this working) Players add a bonus based on whatever abilities they are claiming in the mod box to the bottom left of the chat window. I think this is how they are doing it anyway.
    4) Not tried this tbh.

    As frustrating as the ruleset can be ... it does allow a campaign but ... it's not had the love and attention that more commercial rulesets have had sadly. It's little changed from version 1 released almost 10 days ago. That said, it is being slowly worked on for FGU but ... the ruleset is a significantly more challenging ruleset than many so ... it's really difficult.

    Let me know if you want to lurk in one of my games and see how it looks from a Player's pov. My Players are actually getting very good at "work arounds" and they understand the nuances of the ruleset better than me ... I just tell stories.
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    Yeah, some of this is because it isn't based on CoreRPG so doesn't have some of the same functionality the CoreRPG based rulesets. Here are a few things to add to what Stuart said:

    1. One thing that won't be obvious if you are used to the 5E ruleset is you can target just directly in the Combat Tracker. Just drag the name to the attack or defense you want to apply it to. The GM and PCs can do this if you are having trouble with the other targeting.

    2. One thing to add to what Stuart said would be to drop one token on the map, size it and then lock the zoom. Then the additional tokens added will use that zoom level as their default so having tokens of the same size will help. You can do this ahead of time for your maps also. Just delete the token you are using the set the zoom after you lock it.

    3. Unfortunately, I don't think the modifier stack applies to initiative. One work around for this is to roll the normal dice using the modifier stack with all the modifiers. Then the GM can just drag the result to the initiative.

    4. The reason this doesn't work is because the notes in the ruleset aren't formatted text fields. You can use the story entries to accomplish what you want and then share it with the PCs.

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    @daboking - Just in case you weren't aware, there's a "FG-RMC User Manual (1.5).pdf" in the <FG app data>\docs directory that gives some guidance (there's a couple of walk through entries) that might help.
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    i was not aware, @trenloe. I will make use of that.
    Thank you, @stuart and @dadakin.... these tips will be more than adequate to fix the problems i was having. I will log in a player to test these out and mkae sure they are working correctly for me. So players wont have the scaling issues this way? I noticed from my players SS, that even after locked my tokens theirs were all over the place size wise, and no one had the same. Anyway, I will implement and try these suggestions and check out the user manual. Thank you all VERY MUCH.
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    Some of these issues will be address with this update: RolemasterClassic-ruleset-v2-0-(based-on-CoreRPG)

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