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    VTMV5 Clarifying rules

    A thread guessed it....the clarification of rules.

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    Justification for this thread: So I am enjoying myself with the new DLC by making some characters (getting ready for the inevitable campaigns that will be hosted).

    I have found some good videos on character creation like these:

    Awesome sauce! I am ready to create characters!

    But wait! What skills are rolled for what abilities?

    This important because I don't want to make a character with abilities that he is no good at.

    For example: I make a character that has Mask of a thousand faces, but doesn't have the right skill set to pull it off.

    To make things really confusing, one site may say that on makes a Charisma/Performance check, while another says its Manipulation/Subterfuge.

    See the dilemma? I would really like to iron this out before campaigns become available and be ready for focusing on role play.

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    For the most part the skill+attribute is left up to the Storyteller to adjudicate what is the best combination for the situation that the roll applies to. They can, if they wish and it's their GMing style, have input from the player as to what they're trying to do and so discuss what skill+attribute combination to use for that specific situation. If you want to use Mask of a thousand faces then I'd recommend discussing up-front with your Storyteller how you'd usually like to use it and decide on the usual skill+attribute pair that would be used in general. But, for most games, this would not always be used for every situation.

    As this is very much up to the individual Storyteller in a specific game you need to discuss it with the Storyteller who's running the game you're playing in.
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    Trenloe is correct. The combinations are varied and often change with the storyteller, but you are encouraged to suggest a combination to your storyteller and explain why. The book does a decent job on giving examples and guidelines, but you can make interesting combinations to make a roll with. One situation where a player of mine was intimidating a stockbroker by threatening to ruin him if he didn't comply to her schemes her intimidation was just one dot so we discussed it and we agreed since she had 3 in Finances she would be able to convince the stock broker how she would ruin him so I let her roll Manipulation + Finance instead of Manipulation + Intimidation.

    In general if you want to make talker type you should invest in Social Attributes and I often combine one of them with Leadership, Persuasion or Subterfuge.

    For a combat focused character you will want to think what way your character is combat focused. For example as a general rule in run of the mill combat Firearms skill is combined with Composure attribute ( measuring your ability to keep it cool when bullets start flying).

    Mask o f Thousand Faces as a base requires only one Rouse Check to activate no other roll is needed in 5th edition. The dice rolls come into play when someone is trying to detect them with supernatural means such as Auspex 1 Sense the Unseen. Then it's Wits + Obfuscate versus Resolve + Auspex. Some lower level Obfuscate powers may break with drawing attention to yourself then you roll Wits + Stealth versus Resolve + Awareness. However when you are in a social situation while Mask is active, you use what you and the Storyteller deem relevant for social encounters, with all relevant bonuses and penalties apply such as the Nosferatu clan bane. Mask of a Thousand faces doesn't make you inherently more attractive or apt at social encounters, it just makes you look like average joe with no distinguishing features.

    Disciplines work always with Attribute + Discipline, and unlike skill tests it stays static and are clearly defined in the core book.

    I don't know the policy for sharing discord links, but there is a discord for World of Darkness 5th edition. There is a vivid, active and friendly community who are quick and willing to help with rules questions. Some of the gameline authors also hang out there and answer questions about the game.

    Hopefully this was helpful
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