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    Vampire the Masquerade Bug Reports

    Please review the wiki first for documentation on how to use the various features.


    If you have any questions about how to use the ruleset or if you receive any error messages, please post them here and they will be addressed by the developers as soon as possible.

    To post a bug, please provide this level of detail:
    • If you are on FGU or FGC
    • The version # displayed on the launch message. It actually says 1.0 Beta currently but will update as we patch it
    • Step by step to reproduce it or if you can't reproduce it
    • Screenshots if you can. (Windows key) + Shift + S is great for grabbing parts of the screen on Windows to your clipboard

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    I'm using the version that says "Vampire the Masquerade 5th Edition ruleset v1.0.0 (Beta) for Fantasy Grounds Copyright 2019 White Wolf", which I'm unsure is the correct one.

    If you create a character and try to use the skill rolls, it displays a "Script Error: [string "scripts/manager_disciplines.lua"]:27: attempt to index local 'nodeDisciplines' (a nil value)", error.

    This error stops showing up as soon as you open the tab "Other" tab, where the Disciplines are placed.

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    Some of these error messages I’ve seen in other rulesets, like Starfinder, so they might be Core issues?
    I’d also like to point out that some of the screenshots on the help website are using Core RPG 3.3.10, whereas the publicly available version of Core RPG seems to be 3.3.9, which could explain some of these errors, maybe?

    Inventory, Haven Tab: the dot value is not interactable; and after entering any text into the provided text box, it creates the following error:
    Script Error: [string "common/scripts/list_textitem.lua"]:13: attempt to index field 'windowlist' (a nil value)
    Script Error: [string "campaign/scripts/char_invname.lua"]:8: attempt to index field 'windowlist' (a nil value)
    Ruleset Warning: window: Anchored static height ignored for control (haven) in windowclass (charsheet_inventory)

    Trying to Unshare Entries (Image, Items, anything really):
    Script Error: [string "access"]:1: attempt to call field 'unshare' (a nil value)
    (Unsharing still works by right-clicking the shared item and picking the “Unshare” option, but clicking the white “P” icon generates the above error.)

    Every creature has an empty <<New Ritual>> in its ritual section under Traits.
    The Discipline links on creatures link to empty versions of the discipline, instead of the one with the flavour texts and explanations
    Some Disciplines don’t have icons (Protean for Anarch Revolutionaries, for example)
    Players can access SPC sheets, and, if they try to manipulate them in any way they get a myriad of different errors:
    Script Warning: setValue: Database node not owned (reference.npcdata.id-00003.health.dots@Vampire the Masquerade)
    Script Warning: setValue: Database node not owned (reference.npcdata.id-00003.willpower.dots@Vampire the Masquerade)
    Script Error: [string "npcsheet_main:skills"]:1: attempt to index a nil value
    Script Error: [string "campaign/scripts/char_invname.lua"]:8: attempt to index field 'windowlist' (a nil value)
    Script Error: [string "scripts/manager_dice_system.lua"]:149: attempt to index local 'rSource' (a nil value)

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    Lets get the easy stuff out of the way first.

    Imposter's Guise - Obfuscate level 5 - If you look at the powers list, it is listed as a level 1. Which is wrong. In the reference manual its title is completely missing. The prerequisite for the power has taken the place of the power.

    As mentioned in a previous thread. There seems to be overlap between the dice icons and the + icons on the character sheets. If you press the dice icon on the right side of it, you actually hit the + icon instead.

    I get that you need to select a skill and then roll from the atttributes. But why then are there dice icons at the skills? It simply has to be fixed so it can be done in the other way around too. I mean... 25 years of doing it in a certain order then having to reverse it. I mean. Every reference to dice rolls mentions the attribute first! Its seem so counter intuitive. Please I beg you.. I will even endure a blood bond, if you will heed this request good sir! *grins*

    Not a bug, but a suggestion: For the disciplines list. It would be nice if the powers could be listed under their main entry. Ie. Cloud Memory was listed under Dominate, so you didn't have to open 2 windows to find the notes you're looking for. I mean it works fine, but I just like to find things a bit faster, and this is something that often needs referencing.

    And finally an observation: The way dice are used with the +symbols are a bit clunky, for my personal taste. The symbols are tiny. To me it would seem to be simpler to just use a dice box, and add dice to it, by double clicking on the dice symbols and then from the dice box. Kinda like the star wars ruleset does it. Of course, White Wolf may hate that. I dunno. Just seems like a better way of doing things in my opinion.

    Anyways. It is beautiful! And the NPC sheet is actually great. Thank you for that!!!

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    Discipline checks double up on the attributes

    Skill checks are normal and Attribute tests appear normal

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    Another thing to add, It seems that the predator's are missing thier flaws or are otherwise incomplete!

    Example: Consenualist is missing the dark secret and prey exclusion flaws. Osiris predator is missing the 'Spend three dots between the Fame and Herd Backgrounds" and "Spend two dots between the Enemies and Mythic Flaws".

    The rest also seem to be missing things from the book!

    Hope this helps!

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    @Doodleimp Dark secret appears to be missing entirely from the flaws list!
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    FGC, v.3.3.9

    Clicking on Toreador disciplines gives you a blank discipline page

    Screenshot_2 vtm.png

    Also for the life of me can't figure out how to change it from Generation 13. It seems stuck.
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    FGC, V 1.00 (beta) ruleset

    Clicking on 'items' via the Reference/Core Rulebook menu and then trying to select a item (example: flamethrower) brings up the following error (or similar):

    Runtime Error: desktop: Unable to create window with invalid class (reference_item : item.id-00014@Vampire the Masquerade)

    Selecting an item via the 'item' menu button (not the book) works as normal
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    Ruleset version 1.0.1 - fixed in 1.0.2

    Error message at launch after creating a host campaign and pressing the Start button

    [3/2/2020 7:56:00 PM] Launcher scene starting.
    [3/2/2020 7:57:49 PM] Starting cloud server mode. [x]
    [3/2/2020 7:57:52 PM] Game server started. [x.x.x.x:x]
    [3/2/2020 7:57:52 PM] Launcher scene exiting.
    [3/2/2020 7:57:52 PM] Tabletop scene starting.
    [3/2/2020 7:58:05 PM] [<color="red">ERROR</color>] icon: Could not find image file (graphics/icons/clan_thinblood.png) for icon (clan_thinblood). [VTM5TH] [graphics/graphics_icons.xml]
    [3/2/2020 7:58:35 PM] [WARNING] Frame hotkeytitlebox contains out-of-range values in Middle.
    [3/2/2020 7:58:35 PM] [WARNING] Frame hotkeytitlebox contains out-of-range values in Right.
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