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    Forge Item: Vampire 5e Expanded SPCs and Equipment

    I made some detailed SPCs from all released books that include Discipline powers. It also includes some guidelines for creating Vampire SPCs by age category (Childe, Neonate, Ancilla, Elders).
    You can get it on the Forge:

    • 5 detailed SPCs from the core book as well as 12 mortals in the Weak/Average/Gifted/Deadly categories.
    • 6 Abbreviated Animal SPCs
    • 26 Abbreviated Mortal SPCs
    • 34 Abbreviated Supernatural SPCs including Ghouls, Ghouled Animals, Ghosts, Szlachta, and Zombies
    • 14 Abbreviated Sabbat SPCs with Discipline powers

    Also includes more armor and weapons and concealment levels.
    • 5 types of armor
    • 26 Firearms and Melee weapons
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