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    I have have the font issue, too. (Also in in CoC 7e.)

    I just copied this piece pf text from the V5 PDF in notepad++ and change the encoding from the UTF-8 to ANSI.
    Storytellers should use common sense when stacking modifiers. At some point, no amount of gilding the
    lily helps accomplish a task; likewise, characters’ basic
    gifts can carry them through seemingly dire circumstances. Consider capping modifiers at plus or minus
    2 to the Difficulty, or at three dice added or removed
    from the character’s pool. This guideline applies to
    ad hoc Storyteller modifiers, not to modifiers from
    specialties or other specific rules.
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    Thank you for the report. They are related to encoding of the characters in FGU. FGC is less strict and can let some through. The modules and ruleset code need to be updated.
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    Issue when trying to adjust an image grid using built in Fantasy Grounds toolbar options. See attached screenshot for details.CantAdjustGrid.jpg

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    The asset titled "Animalism Symbol" appears to be incorrect. Going into images shows the small image shown in the attached screenshot, and the entry shows no icon at all as in the screenshot.

    Screen Shot 2020-08-11 at 4.05.11 PM.png

    Edit: Noticed that clicking the empty space on the Animalism reference page opens the same tiny image from the screenshot. Also fixed the screenshot attachment.

    Adding that I'm also having the issue with powers populating into the collapsed lists, such as the Disciplines. They show as added in the chat but do not appear in the list. Sometimes closing the Character Disciplines and re-opening causes them to show, but other times it does not. I've found that lowering the Dots in the Discipline and re-adding them will often cause them to populate.
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    If you make an abbreviated SPC and touch the Traits or Notes tab, the SPC bugs out, when you lock / unlock it. Giving the following error:
    Script Error: [string "campaign/scripts/npcmini.lua"]:31: attempt to call field 'update' (a nil value)

    Under the Library. The top section where you can activate the sidebar buttons. "Encounters" are missing.

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