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    I got a request for an addition I will begin working on. The idea is to add a sort of survey of trigger items. So the DM would prepare a list of potential trigger items, the players would each respond like a questionaire and check the ones they are sensitive to. The DM would see which items were checked. I'm working out just how to implement it.
    Has there been any progress with this addition?

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    not yet. I have been working on another extension so this will be my next project after its done.

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    This is excellent, thank you.

    I'd seriously suggest SmiteWorks consider integrating it into the core functionality of FG, actually.

    Cheers, Hywel

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    For those who use this extension, I have begun development on some enhancements. I have fixed a few little bugs and I am adding a new record type to implement a RPG Consent Checklist. I learned a lot about how to do this sort of list thing in my Shops extension, so hopefully it will go smoothly.

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    I was thinking of creating this as just links and text so people could easily read up on all the sections from the PDF, but inside FG, but this is much better in that it actually, you know, *functions*.
    Well done.

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    Thank you for creating this.

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    I've added support to this extension with my theme with the upcoming V 2.6.

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