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    Players can't see Tokens I see in FGU empty folder on PC

    I'm not understanding where these tokens and portraits are stored. Bottom line my players can't access them, I'm trying to share them somehow.

    I see a lot of options for tokens within FGU itself, but the folder is empty on my PC. Both in the campaign and top level:

    Lots of tokens and portraits.png

    Folders empty.png

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    Portraits cant be shared. I cant recall about Tokens - I think they can be shared.
    Find the Module in the Library and make that Player Accessible.
    Dont share a module that is an adventure.
    You can also apply the token to their sheet if all else fails.

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    Thanks @damned. I can do it manually but still not getting where these things are stored if my folder is empty. Is it stored on the server?
    I'd like to at least download them and put them on my PC locally so I could share them. Rather than take screenshots so players can pick what they like.

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    The tokens themselves are actually in modules in the Modules folder. They are local to your PC.

    Here is a quick screen shot I took of mine, highlighted are the token modules.


    The tokens folder(s) are for one-off tokens that you might create yourself or download from other sources (as I recall any way, it's been a while since I used that method).
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    Aha thank you Sulimo, that helped me I'll see what I can do from here.

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