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    LFG - Wed or Thur nights EST

    FG License: Full

    Time Zone: EST

    Day(s) of week, frequency, and time: Wed or Thur evening.

    Term: Short or Long. I prefer to find a long-term, dedicated group.

    Voice: I have used several voicechat programs for years.

    Game System Preferred: Any really, as long as the stories are interesting and the group is fun.

    Game System Experience: Many years of D&D 3.5 through 5e, Pathfinder, and various Star Wars pen and paper from the d6 all the way to Fantasy Flight Games' pretty dice. I also played a MUD for years called Achaea, a game where, in game terms, speaking out of character was considered insanity. If you openly and repeatedly spewed insanity and ignored warnings from other players long enough, eventually a God (a GM) would turn the offending insane person into a shrubbery. Good times.

    Fantasy Grounds Experience: About a year.

    Character Type Preferred: I enjoy playing a wide variety of characters and always have backups prepared just in case. I keep a folder full of character ideas and concepts I use as inspiration for NPCs that my players will run across or if I need to pull something out of nowhere on the spot.

    About me: 32, male, married, two kids. I feel like a lot of what I would put here is in the "Character Type Preferred" section. I am just a laid back nerd from the Midwest who enjoys hanging out with other like minded people in fantasyland. I am just as at home in the thick of an intense tactical combat as I am roleplaying an evening at a high society gala.

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    If you have any availability I'd like to join

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