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    Yep, that was the error I got too.
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    New week, same problem.

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    I was wrong. This one is worse.

    Now it complains about not being able find fgupdaterengine.exe. So I have copied that and all of data and folders that it needs. This is a couple of steps in the wrong direction.

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    And after I copied every thing over, it deleted it and complained that it is missed. Which now leaves my install broken.

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    I saw this on a number of new installs. I think that the updater is launching without admin privileges on first launch (I don't remember seeing the UAC window) although I know at least one person who this didn't happen to so there must be more to it.
    Perhaps a new installer exe that includes the latest version of the launcher?

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    So I downloaded the web installer - same error message.

    Decide to uninstall it and start fresh - same error message. It is pretty much broken. If anyone knows the steps for a manual uninstall, that'd be handy about now.

    UPDATE: Deleted the uninstall keys from the registry and then the files and folders in c:\programs files\smiteworks. That appears to have gotten it cleaned out.

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