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    LFP1 - D&D 5e Storm King's Thunder

    Experience Required: At least some 5e and FG experience preferred
    Game System: D&D 5e
    Time Zone: EST (UTC-05)
    Play Time/Day: Thursdays late night 9:30PM-~12:00AM EST (PST players welcome!) AND one Saturday a month (usually 6PM-10PM, can run longer)
    Start Date: Already started; next game is Thursday 2/27
    Frequency: Weekly on Thursdays and one additional Saturday per month
    Voice and Video: Discord
    Campaign: Storm Kings Thunder
    Number of Players: 4 (looking for one more)
    Character Level: level 6
    Stream: No
    Details: Looking for a fifth player for my Storm King's Thunder Campaign. Additional content from D&D Next, Princes of the Apocalypse, Tyranny of Dragons and more has been combined for a massive Sword Coast Sandbox campaign. Characters are level 6 and we plan to go to ~15. Looking for someone who can show up consistently. PM me if interested. Here is link to game calendar Here is a link to the character creation rules
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    Very interested. New to FG but have been watching videos to get familiar with it. Currently have demo but looking to upgrade if I like it. Would like to play human variant trickery domain cleric but open to anything to help the group. Please
    Let me know if I’m able to join. Thank you.

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    The group could use a tanky character, probably a barbarian, fighter, or paladin would work best.

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    I would like to either build a Paladin or Barbarian. If you want me to make a character plz send me the info so I can make one on FG. Thank you and have a good day.
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    If there's room I can bring a paladin!

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    Please PM me on Discord



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    This spot has been filled. Happy gaming!

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    Are you stilling looking for players? would love to join very much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Natewizard View Post
    Are you stilling looking for players? would love to join very much.
    Sorry Nate, this game has been filled up. Please look for my games in the future. Good luck finding a game!

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