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    DCC Rulesest Question

    My concern is that I'm getting ready to run a funnel, and I am curious as to how well the ruleset handles a game that starts out with 24 player characters.

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    I've seen Judges run it in multiple ways using FG; I found each worked adequately but in large part depends on how well your players know Fantasy Grounds: 1) all combatants on the Combat Tracker, the Judge rolls Initiative for All, take them in the order they come up; 2) all combatants on the Combat Tracker, Judge rolls Initiative for foes or uses the Auto NPC Initiative setting (can even be set to "Group"), and Players roll their own initiative with the character with the highest initiative bonus, on the Players turn they take an action for each of their characters in a "group initiative" style.

    The Judge can help keep things moving by controlling the "Turn Complete/Next Actor" advancement button in a slower or less FG experienced group.

    I think the way you choose to use it really is just a matter of style; it is the Combat Tracker that makes a large group functional in any way you choose to use it.

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    I have tended to go with option 2 - one initiative per player.

    I also use the same portrait for all zeroes belonging to the same player so I can quickly tell how many everyone has left. And I use the party sheet for quick reference of luck scores and occupations. Most funnels I have played seem to have at least one encounter with several NPCs, so that tends to be a challenge to run even with Fantasy Grounds. Honestly, I prefer level 1+ adventures, but I know funnels are a defining feature of DCC.

    I wrote a blog entry on funnels. Follow the link under my avatar if interested.

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