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    MacOS: Unable to connect to local network game

    I've got a MacBook Pro (i9) and an iMac Pro - both running Catalina. The FantasyGrounds build is from 2020-02-19

    I am unable to establish a connection to the game server - using a local network connection. I have attempted over Wifi as well as Ethernet. No firewalls are blocking connections.

    The client gets stuck at "Attempting direct connection to server [x.x.x.x]". It sits there for 10+ minutes before I cancel the operation. The log file doesn't report much:

    [2/24/2020 7:42:31 AM] [NOTICE] Launcher scene starting.
    [2/24/2020 7:44:03 AM] [NOTICE] Attempting direct connection to server. [x.x.x.x:1802]

    I have also turned on "Advanced Logging" in settings, but I don't see anything additional being reported in the logs.

    I also tried a private/cloud configuration, but that didn't work either.

    Is this feature not supposed to be working at this point?

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    The Advanced Logging option is only for the Updater itself; and doesn't affect logging from the main client.

    From all other reports from Mac users, the cloud connection is working. However, we have had a couple reports of people that get errors when running local, due to running Mac at high security levels.
    I'm not sure if that's the same issue that you are seeing, because you don't appear to be getting the same errors.

    * Are you trying to run the second instance on the same machine, or across two different machines?
    * Can you double-check the IP address you are entering for the server, and turn on Console before pressing Start button to Join Game? (button in upper left corner)
    * How are you trying to connect to the cloud server? (You should be entering user name you want to connect to only.)


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    I was running the test on 2 different machines. For the purpose of the playtest, is an Ultimate key for FGU necessary to host a game? (I didn't know about the Kickstarter, so I didn't get in, and thus don't have a FGU Ultimate key). It would be good to know if that is the issue so I don't try additional steps to figure this out when it wasn't possible in the first place (that said, nothing has popped up saying I can't host a game either.)

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    Yes, an Ultimate key is required to host a game. You can not host games with a Free version. I'm actually working on revamping the launcher UI this week to make that more obvious.


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    Ok. That explains a lot. I knew in Classic it was required, but thought that maybe it was disabled in FGU for testing.

    Oh well.

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