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    "Folder" button shortcut to the local filesystem folder is missing in "Images & Maps"

    I am not sure if this is item #4 in the "Not Yet Implemented" features section, so just in case I would like to mention it. I am not sure if there is limitation in the engine or something that is yet to be added.

    • The "Images & Maps" window on all tested rulesets (CoreRPG, CoC 7e and SWADE) is having link to the Store Only. The old button "Folder" that opens file system windows is no longer there (it was quite convenient).
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    That's because the campaign images folder no longer has a direct correlation to Images campaign list.

    As noted in the Overview/Notes at top of forum, FGC implemented a system where image files on disk had a one-to-one relationship with image records in the campaign. In FGU, since you can have multiple layers (or even no layers), there is no longer a one-to-one relationship. All asset management in FGU is expected to be done through the Assets window; and there is a folder button in the Assets window to do that.


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    Is there a tutorial on the new assets system?

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    This is the one Doug made. If you have suggestions, post them here; and I'll get him to look. He's in charge of the new wiki.



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