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    LF Players - Noob GM for Fantasy grounds SWADE B&B


    I am trying out being a DM and would like to get a group together to play a campaign in the Beasts and Barbarians setting. I am new and only just learning the technology and how to DM so really would like to find some cool people who can have fun and help me learn at the same time.

    GMT - will agree times to play but either Sunday or weekdays would work best.

    I am 44 so mature audience welcome.

    Message me if interested.

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    B&B is a fun setting. Depending on day/time I'd be interested.
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    Hey I am interested but only available on Sunday 10am-2pm

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    Depending on the day I may be interested. Love and run SW and would love to actually play

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    Hey Hows it going Havent played since 2 e D&D but Im getting FG this weekend and would be interested Sun preferred

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