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    Just got the software

    After a High School reunion my friends from then have decided to start playing again.

    Going to use FG to shorten the 100's of miles between us.

    Just thought I'd pop in and say hello.

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    Welcome to FG. I am by now pretty sure the experience will kill none of us... So no need for old X-men quotes. _

    By the large we are a friendly community, if you have any questions, take a search if we haven't allready answered it, ask. And heck, even if we HAVE answered it we usually answer it anyways.
    For your Ars Magica needs :

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    Yes, welcome aboard and get ready for role-playing like the good old days!
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    Thanks....I will be looking around the forum. We will be starting our game early 2007.

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    Thanks for the warm welcome. I loved playing when I was in High School and college.

    Should be fun. Going to try get an ad&d 1e rule set to run the game.

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