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    lfp(s) pf1 adventure path: return of the runelords (planned early-march start)

    update (21.03): lfp currently open: looking for 1 player

    fg license: gm has standard license; players need own standard license / subscription
    (trying to get players without standard license will be challenging; those who do have licenses tend to be better at commit time / energy to games)
    game system: pathfinder1

    timezone: eastern usa (gmt -5)
    frequency: weekly, mon (& fri*)
    started: 9 mar
    *optional supplemental session: fri (social distancing relief)
    duration: 3.5 - 4.0 hrs, starting at 19h30
    term: long (all 6 modules would take roughly 18 - 24 mos of weekly play)

    text / voice: mix of both
    voip: discord
    recorded: no

    roleplay / combat mix: will try to keep it 50/50
    number of players: 4-6
    start level / equipment: 1st / standard wealth-by-level (scheduled ap advancement)
    pc build restrictions: no gunslinger; no evil; otherwise, most races / classes allowed
    game books restrictions: most legal pathfinder material allowed
    game ruling: to keep consistent and regular pacing, will stick with ap contents and mostly r.a.w.

    goals / motivation for campaign:
    - show up consistently
    - be active participant
    - respect each other
    - be considerate of others times
    - have fun with even mix of rp'ing / combat
    - complete a.p.

    some ap details for pc creation:
    - this ap is the final of 3 runelords arc aps; however, you do not have to had played the other 2
    - however for continuity, it makes an assumption that players had already completed the other 2...
    - that your pc came out victorious and became a "sihedron hero”
    - besides creating your main, level 1 pc at the start of the campaign,
    - you will also be creating this big brother / sister sihedron hero (17th - 18th level; more detail return of the runelords player's guide)
    - you will work with gm to flesh out only one sihedron hero for your pc
    - it would be richer experience if you closely connect your pc and your sihedron hero backgrounds
    - this story arc and theme is more heroic and grand than others, which is why...
    - gm setting few restrictions in pc creation; take advantage and build one that you'll love long-term
    - pcs will start campaign knowing each other in some manner; players will work this out in session 0

    1) blahness98 (warpriest)
    2) Cortillaen (wiz)
    3) Mr Gizo (pally)
    4) tacosalad (magus)

    6) [optional] machinegunn1 (hunter)
    7) [optional]

    check out ap skin here.
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    I don't think I could do Wednesdays, but I'd love to join if it ends up running on Mondays (or if it shifts to Saturdays or Sundays). I'm thinking about an archaeology-minded Wizard.

    Odd question: Does the relationship between my character and one of the Sihedron Heroes have to be friendly? Like could I do a Wizard who thinks his hero uncle (a Fighter) is an bumbling imbecile who was constantly causing problems for the family and just lucked into being called a hero?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cortillaen View Post
    ...relationship between my character and one of the Sihedron Heroes have to be friendly?
    i don't see why not. sounds like it could be a funny relationship that you'll have some fun with. i'd be good with that.

    yea, just post your 1st and 2nd choice sched prefs openly like you've done so everyone can see. i will go with whichever has most preferred time.

    roll dice. it builds character.

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    i would be down for a monday game not entirely new to pf1 but still getting used to all there is and loving it

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    Hey Tahl,

    Willing to let me in another one of your games? I can do either Monday or Wednesday at the moment.. Let me know.
    Ultimate License Holder

    The Slumbering Tsar: Monday Nights @ 8pm
    Return of the Rune Lords: Wednesday Nights @ 8pm

    Time Zone: Central Time (GMT -6)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blahness98 View Post
    Willing to let me in another one of your games?
    absolutely, yes. would love to have ya. seems like mon might be the day.

    @blahness98 @machinegunn1 @Cortillaen -- pm me some prelim ideas of your main 1st level pc as well as your sihedron hero pc. thx
    roll dice. it builds character.

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    Hi I'd be interesting in joining in if you still have open spaces.

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    Adventure Starting Boon:

    Oops! I Did It Again
    Your PC has something that belongs to to your counterpart
    Sihedron Hero. During the last visit, the item was used for a
    minor emergency situation, and neither thought much about
    about it. When you returned home, you realized the item was
    still in your possession. You sent a message apologizing for
    having accidentally taken it.

    Your PC received a message today from the Varisia Carrier
    Pigeon Services (VCPS); it's a reply from your counterpart
    Sihedron Hero that look similar to this...


    In addition to your PC's starting gold, you may select any one
    item worth up to 1000 gp. If the item you choose is less than
    this boon item value, the unused amount is forfeited.
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    roll dice. it builds character.

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    Quote Originally Posted by markjohn View Post
    Hi I'd be interesting in joining in if you still have open spaces.
    yea, as i mentioned, monday might be the game day; if that works for you, pm me the requested info. thx for interest.
    roll dice. it builds character.

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    unfortunate that it starts so early. if it was 2015 eastern time i could make every game. Oh curse the luck of an optometrist and my office hours. 10 years fg and 10 years pathfinder experience... dratz!

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