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    Mac FGU app in subfolder of /Applications

    I saw the Feb 10 FGU Kickstarter update mentioned that the Mac app was in the path:

    /Applications/SmiteWorks/Fantasy Grounds/FantasyGrounds.app
    I believe that this location will cause new permissions prompts in macOS Catalina. (Iíve seen this with other apps that are in a subfolder of /Applications.)

    Iím not on the FGU Closed Beta but perhaps someone who is and has macOS Catalina can test this. You may need to start with a fresh install of Catalina, perhaps in a VM, to confirm this. Iím not aware of a place in System Preferences where this can be toggled to reset the permissions dialog. In that sense, it seems more like the new-ish prompts for mounting file shares or allowing downloads from specific sites in Safari.

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    I've just installed FGU on to a Mac running Catalina (10.15.3) and it runs as expected on an administrator account. On a standard user, the client will launch, but the updater app will not, neither from the client, nor from the Finder. It just silently exits. The settings are also unavailable, presumably because that also uses the updater app?

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