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    LFP for Wednesday Night PF2 Campaign (8:30 EST, 7:30 CST, 5:30 PST)

    Full, thanks for the interest everyone. Please note that PF2 will be new for many/most of us, so be prepared for us to learn as we go.


    What You Need...

    1. Fantasy Grounds Demo (I have the Ultimate License)
    2. Discord (voice communication program similar to Teamspeak)

    Sessions are weekly on Wednesday at 8:30 PM EST (7:30 PM CST, 5:30 PM PST) until 12:30 AM EST (11:30 PM CST, 9:30 PM PST).


    Although the campaign has both a narrative and player-driven opportunities for roleplay, the main emphasis is challenging combat. New players are welcome, as long as you're willing to use sound tactics and learn about the game. Work together and play wisely and you'll succeed. But be ready for a challenge.

    I'm aiming for 4 players but will take up to 6. Characters may use material from the Pathfinder 2 Core Rulebook. Non-evil only for this campaign.

    Current Party Members...

    1. Goblin Paladin
    2. Half-Orc Monk
    3. Human Wizard
    4. Human Divine Sorcerer
    5. Human Ranger
    6. TBD Rogue


    The country of Abria was not a pleasant place. Still isn't, in fact. Slavery, corruption, dealings with the lower planes, you name it -- the common people live in fear and oppression. Several decades ago a powerful paladin named Lothen Morath and his companions fought a war to liberate the country from the tyrants that ruled it. After years of bloodshed and countless lives lost a tentative peace was established with Abria ceding about a third of its land to Lothen who promptly established a new kingdom he named Belguth. The newly crowned King Morath, having seen the horrors of war first hand for years, was hesitant to embark on another crusade to overthrow the rest of Abria. The war might claim more lives than it would save. So he determined to do what good he could for the people under his rule and bided his time, waiting for an opportunity to finished what he started.

    Little did anyone expect that Abria that would restart the war a few weeks ago in a vicious surprise attack. Reports from the front lines claim the enemy troops are driven by an almost demonic fury in battle. In desperation Lothen has called upon even town guards and militia to stand against the onslaught...leaving most of the kingdom undermanned and underdefended. Old enemies like goblins and orcs marshal to take advantage of the kingdom's weakened state. Bandits, giants, and more prey on anything left vulnerable. There are even whispered rumors of an evil cult insidiously spreading throughout the land.

    This is where you enter the tale. Can you survive the forces arrayed against Belguth? Can you save the land from evils both without and within? Only time will tell...


    If you're interested in joining, please send me a PM or email me at balkothwarcraft at gmail dot com
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    I'm down! Posting to remember.

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    Currently have room for one player.

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    Hi, I'm Lion's friend that he mentioned.

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