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    Jim, where possible please make stuff that can be used in multiple rulesets.
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    I’m sort of going that way with a lot of my new generators. Problem is, I have never played any other rule set except 5e, and that gives me nervous jitters about telling people “this works for every rule set I know nothing about too!”

    I think most of what I make is applicable in more places than just 5e, with the exception of item, monster, and character class/background references. I just... can’t be sure? At least, not with my current level of familiarity with other game systems which is... zero

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    Bascially if you look at a CoreRPG campaign you can see the things that are common among most rulesets. If you do something else (like a class) that is going to be ruleset specific (though it might work in a couple rulesets, but only if the object type definitions are identical).

    You can always change the ruleset tag to any/Any/all/All (I don't remember which) and then put a disclaimer on it that you can load it in any ruleset, BUT IT MIGHT NOT WORK!

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    Get this man what he needs! His content generators are just slowly gaining awesomeness!
    I signed up and voted for those.

    I second the "please make these work with all rulesets" notion - I run a lot of Pathfinder. I'm using an earlier version of your random content generator that I just flagged for 'Any' ruleset and it works decently well, so long as you don't try to actually generate any npc's or items. Your newer version appeared to wreak havoc on my Pathfinder campaign so I had to roll back to a previous version. Looking forward to using the newer stuff with my 5E campaign though!

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    Anyone that can chime in with how to create the mod so it works with any ruleset based on coreRPG?

    As in: when I export it, what exactly do I do to make this the case?

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    No idea on module export, but once exported you just have to edit the definition.xml and change the <Ruleset> tag to have 'Any' as the value.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JimSocks View Post
    Anyone that can chime in with how to create the mod so it works with any ruleset based on coreRPG?

    As in: when I export it, what exactly do I do to make this the case?
    Generally, if you export the module from a CoreRPG campaign, any ruleset based off of CoreRPG will load it. If some rulesets don't, then you may need to follow daddyogreman's suggestion.

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