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    Color Picker

    There are quite a few standards for picking colors, standard color pallets or hex codes. I've even seen a mod somewhere that let you enter a hex code for the color within FG.

    Could we ditch the color mixer tool and just put in a standard color picker?

    I just really, really hate the current color-picker

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    Add to the wishlist. Link in my signature.
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    The current color picker is mirrored on what is used in many different graphics editing programs (i.e. Photoshop).


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    Quote Originally Posted by Moon Wizard View Post
    The current color picker is mirrored on what is used in many different graphics editing programs (i.e. Photoshop).
    While I've come to be okay with the way the current color picker works, it is very much unlike any color picker I've ever used in any graphics program. Most nowadays have a hue bar down one side (or around a circle) and the saturation and values can be picked by clicking to where you want. You can also always manually put in any numeric values for RGB, HSV, CMYK, or HEX.

    The current implementation requires you understand at least the basics of how colors mix. It also requires a whole lot of clicking and messing around to get the color you want, whereas with something like The GIMP uses I can get there in 2 clicks.

    I understand that it may be a limitation of the way the UI works and that behind the scenes the same job is getting done. However, at least having the ability to out-of-the-box be able to input my own numeric values would be nice.

    Edit: Added to wishlist.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Moon Wizard View Post
    The current color picker is mirrored on what is used in many different graphics editing programs (i.e. Photoshop).

    I assume you mean the Unity color picker has changed? (I don't have time to re-download right now and check) but similar to what someone above suggested, here is what Photoshop CC 2020 looks like:

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    I think there may be some confusion here. A color picker has been added to FGU and is used in the image controls. The user color picker, which is used to pick the dice and user colors, still uses the FGC interface.

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    I think people are saying the dice color picker is weird and we'd prefer to switch over to something more like what is being used in the image controls. When I first used FGC, I had used the dice color picker 3 or 4 times before I had any idea what the buttons actually did or how to use the little buttons to add just a little of a color to the mixer. I just sort of stumbled around and found an ok color without really grokking what I had done to make it happen.

    It could be worse for sure, we could have this colorpicker from baduibattles. and it's not something I'm worried about for initial release. But I would also welcome a more standard UX for dice color picking.

    Edit: Hah. I can't paste that url, it gets censored for the same reason this sentence does: "The ****eyed ****ney ****ed his gun as he looked at the ****atoo and the ****erspaniel, which didn't look so ****y anymore." You'll have to fix the asterisks if you want to see the silly color picker. I honestly don't recommend you bother, it's not that funny I've just spent too much time on this to delete it entirely.
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    Perhaps, but it's such a low priority; and the user color selector window needs to track a toggle for dice text color (black or white) as well. It's definitely something will update at some point in the future.


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    Make sure you add it to the wishlist, so the idea doesn't get forgotten and can be voted on by the community.

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    There is also this extension:

    If you want you can test whether it works with FGU, too

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