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    LF 2 players for Curse of Strahd Campaign

    Good group needs two more players.
    Game night: Tuesday Evenings
    Start time: 8:30 pacific standard time
    Game duration: 3 hrs generally every week until mod is complete.
    Current level: 5
    Game system: 5e

    Info: looking for 2 easy going players to help finish the Curse of Strahd. Current group includes 3 other players. PM me if interested or have any questions. Next game scheduled for Tuesday, February 25th. Beginners welcome. Will teach fantasy grounds.

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    Hi. I'd love to join! I'm kinda new in Fantasy grounds (bought it a long time ago but just tinkered with it) but I'm familiar with D&D. I'm halfway around the world (GMT +8) so your start time is around 12:30 pm here (which is perfect). Can I get some character creation details?

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    Thanks for your interest. I’m open to your character race and class. Just plan to use publish material for your creation. Game starts at 8:30 tonight. I have 4 regulars and need a 5th. I’ll log on early around 7’ish to make your character if you are interested. I’ll send you a private message with the game log in details.

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    All pacific time by the way

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    Heya NorCalRoach

    Thank you for accepting me. I'll log-in tonight 7pm (err lunch time (11am) for me ). What is the party composition? I'll try to fill in the gaps or do I just play what I like?

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    Hey, would love to join if there is still room. Started the account a while ago but haven’t been on so I’m still new to FG. Been watching videos to be familiar. Have demo account but will consider upgrade if I like it. Please let me know if I can join. I’m easy going.
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