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    Is it possible to add a new weapon type?

    I am trying to set up SWADE in FG to play Shadowrun (because whilst my players love the Shadowrun universe, we all hate the Shadowrun rules but all liked SWADE when we tried Deadlands).

    Swapping out the Shadowrun rules for SWADE equivalents seems really straight forward, as does converting items etc. to have SWADE stats.

    The bit that has got me scratching my noggin though is how to deal with Cyber Combat in the virtual reality of the Matrix.

    What I'd like to do is create a new 'Attack Program' weapon type that is linked to a new CyberCombat skill in the same way that the Ranged weapon type is linked to Shooting, and Melee weapon type is linked to Fighting. That way I could handle CyberCombat in the Matrix the same way I handle Melee Combat in the real world.

    Is that even possible? Or, failing that has anyone else done this another way?

    Feels like there should be a better way of doing this and I am just missing it...

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    I think that you need to create an extension. In the ManagerWeapon there are a function to register weapon types:
    registerWeaponType(weaponType, associatedSkill, isRanged)
    There's an example to register melee weapon type:
    registerWeaponType("Melee", "Fighting", false)
    I hope this helps you

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    Thank you my friend!

    A quick google on creating extensions, a bit of debugging, and now I have a shiny new Attack Program weapon type linked to my new Cyber Combat skill!

    Needs some testing, but the code below seems to do the trick...

    <script name="CyberCombat">
    function onInit()
    WeaponManager.registerWeaponType("Attack Program", "Cyber Combat", false)

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