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    1802 port forwarding on a macbook pro connection problem?

    Macbook Pro Yosemite. For anyone who can help me. I travel in my RV full-time, an use a MiFi8800L jetpack to access the internet as my router basically. The 8800L has an option for port forwarding and I have spent several hours with verizon (MiFi provider) and inseego (MiFi manufacture) in an attempt to setup the port forwarding so i can run FG's. Over time we setup a custom port forwarding app within the MiFi 8800L and when i go into FG's and test connection, it still comes back failure. The new custom application i can create within the MifI8800L has these things that i can change: NAME OF APP- i input (Fantasy Grounds), next is the IP ADDRESS- i input the one i get from my mac network IP under the network i am using via my MiFi8800L jetpack, PORT TYPEe- it offers "Range or Translate" i use (Range) from 1802 to 1802, if you use translate it asks for ext and int, next is PROTOCOL- options are; TCP, UDP or TCP/UDP. And that is all there is to input to setup a custom application. When i save this it says it was saved successfully. When i go back to FG's and run test i still get failure. Not sure it is a Mac issue or i am doing something wrong with the custom application. My firewall has Fantasy Grounds Wineserver and Winskinx11 to allow incoming connection. Please someone help me because i really would like to get FG's up and running so i can start GMing or gaming.
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    Welcome to the forums and FG Community, There are no mobile plans that let you use FG without a VPN AFAIK. Try and sign up for PureVPN or OpenVPN.
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    I am pretty much computer illiterate and attempted to do the VPN thing and became confusing for me so I stopped and backed out without messing my computer up, hopefully that is. is there a VPN for idiots that explains it in real simple terms so even i can understand them and not get confused and mess anything up on my computer?

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    1) Get a PureVPN account with the dedicated IP address option. You don't need the port forward add on, just the regular account and the dedicated IP address add on.
    2) Install the PureVPN client and setup your account and dedicated IP address (all documented on the PureVPN website).
    3) Connect to PureVPN before you start FG.
    4) Use FG as normal.
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    Huh, I guess I was wrong about the Mifi

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    I dont think you are wrong. The modem can do it but the ISP wont be supplying a unique ip address unless its on a corporate plan and you have requested that.

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