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    Another fledgling asking about DCs

    I'm sure this subject has been beaten to a pulp, but I am new to starfinder and am getting ready to GM for a group who have also never played.

    I have read that the DC calculations for starship combat are broken by way of being too difficult at higher levels. I have also seen the corrections on Paizos FAQ. But this has led me to wonder about other DCs in the core rules and their balance.

    Are there other broken DCs in the game? Are there other broken systems you have encountered? If so, how have you corrected them them?

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    You may have more luck in the general Starfinder forums.

    Some DCs seem a bit low/high (especially at higher levels) but I wouldn't really call them outright broken. My suggestion would be to use the standard DCs first. If they work, great, if not, you can still adjust them (maybe give the players a warning that you're still figuring things out and allowing them to swap out any skills if there are major changes). As always, it really depends on your group and how fond they are of optimizing.

    Some player options/items can be a bit overpowered, especially in combinations (though less so than PF1).

    The Additional Resources Page for Starfinder Society is usually a good indication for potentially problematic player options/items.

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    I think the Starship combat DCs are the only ones with major changes, which is understandable as Starship combat is the only big part of Starfinder they had no Pathfinder counterpart for. So for anything else, they had 10 years of experience to know how to caclulate a reasonable DC.
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