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    NPC added to Combat tracker adds 2 entries (SWADE/Unity)

    I'll post some screenshots but here is the summary:

    I was working on a new setting for SWADE and was testing out adding a zombie (from the core rules) to the combat tracker. It added normally but when I looked at it there was a +1 below the token and when I expanded it there was a second NPC record linked but it was blank. When I went to delete it I got a console error and only the original would delete. The blank record stayed behind until I went and deleted it separate from the original. Once again this triggered a console error.

    Screenshots added. The first is the combat tracker after adding a human zombie and the second is the error when trying to delete it from the combat tracker.


    CT_dup.JPG console error 2.JPG
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    Please post any FGU-specific issues and feedback in the Fantasy Grounds Unity Playtest forum. If you post elsewhere, it's likely to be missed. I almost missed this one.

    I've filed as issue FGU-902.


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