1 player
I'm available on either Saturday or Sunday. I'm in New Zealand so I'm GMT+13
Standard FG License
Looking to join a new, long term group
Currently using Discord for FG
Prefer 5e D&D
I've playing RPGs for over 23 years (I'm 37) but always pen and paper, until last year when i moved two hours away from my old group and had to find a new medium to play D&D. So I'm new to FG and have only started online play in July last year. I've played and have experience in AD&D, 3/3.5 D&D, 4th ed D&D and have just started playing 5e last year after being introduced to FG. I've also played Vampire : The Masquerade, SLA Industries and many more systems that I've forgotten.
Pretty easy going with character class selection but prefer front line melee builds but am willing to experiment with any class.

So if there are any games going that will work with my time zones I'd be happy to chat and try sort something out. If you have any further questions please feel free to ask.