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    Attention Parents: (UTC -7) LFP Come meet some other parents and play D&D - Starting

    First thing first: Being a parent is the priority. We may have to stop the game so someone can tend to their child. We may have to go on in the session missing a member if they can't make it back to the table. Cool? Cool.

    Hello there, my name is Kevin I'll be your GM this evening. I am trying to build a network of players that are on the same time zone as myself and that mesh really well together. I am starting this Sunday and am looking for 2 more players for a session based off the start "Lost Mines of Phandelver".* Come play a session, no commitment at all. If it you don't like my style or the game no hard feelings but please communicate if you're not interested in continuing.**

    Create a level 1 Character; it can be anything from PHB + XGtE. If you want to min max go for it, but don't let it get in the way of the groups fun. We can use pre gen characters if you want as well.*

    Respond to me on Discord @Kevin M#5148

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    I sent a pm and I sent a request in discord


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    Friend request sent on Discord. My username is different on there. It'll be from Kronkite.

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    Sent a request on Discord. Sunday nights don't work for me but I'd be down with chatting up other table top parents and maybe in the future my schedule will let me join a game!

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    man i would love to join but the time zone is way off from iceland father of 4 dm of 8

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