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    What you are seeing is expected behavior. Because the active PC is determined by the client, not the GM. Think of it this way, what if you had 2 different clients connected and each controlled 2 PCs?

    So, if you want to LOS to update on the client, you have to change which PC is active by selecting on the portrait on the client.

    But, I though someone said in another thread that that their was a way to have a single group LOS, that it would show the LOS for all tokens. I'm not very familiar with FGU yet, so not sure what/how. But, try right clicking on the tokens (both as GM and client) and seeing of their is an option. I will check the new wiki and see if I can find it documented.

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    Here's the behavior as designed:

    On GM side:
    If no tokens are selected, all tokens are visible on the map (though mask-sensitive/invisible tokens are grayed out); and no LoS/FoW is shown.
    If token(s) are selected, the LoS/FoW and token visibility is updated to match what the selected token(s) can see collectively.

    On player side:
    If no tokens are selected, the LoS/FoW and token visibility is synched to any "owned" tokens (i.e. tokens assigned to PCs owned by current player).
    If token(s) are selected, the LoS/FoW and token visibility is updated to match what the selected token(s) can see collectively. (Any tokens which are not owned or do not have party vision option will either no be selectable or not have LoS/FoW or token visibility shown.)


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    That helps, thanks for the clear explanation.

    An aside, the Classic Edition "Synchronize Image" option seems to have gone away so now you have to "Unshare", position the GM map as desired and then "Share" again?

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    I'll add a ticket to look into the "Synch Client View", since I think that is just missing. Other than the steps you suggest, there's no way to force a view onto the player client.

    However, you can always use the Zoom to Fit button, then zoom in on new area.


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    One thing that might help with FGU usage in a face to face session (which I think is a usage that is becoming more and more common) would be an option to have a PC token be selected (and having it's LOS revealed) simply by it being 'grabbed' to be moved, rather than having to click on it first to select it, thus activating it's LOS, and then 'grabbed' to be moved. This 2 part process seemed to cause my players to struggle greatly during face to face testing the other day.

    (does this make sense?)

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    Yep, that would be preferable if you mean "grabbed" on the GM map...…..

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    I actually meant when they are 'grabbed' to be moved by their respective player, on the player/party map display (for us that's a tv laid flat). At the moment the token needs to be clicked on first then clicked on again and held to be moved with LOS active. This seems to cause a huge disconnect for my players as on their turn they would automatically just 'grab' (click and hold) their token and move it, but this wouldn't active their LOS causing much confusion, consternation and, yes, even wailing and gnashing of teeth!

    Activating a token's LOS if it is just clicked and held/moved would work much better in my opinion.

    (although having more control over revealed LOS from the GM's side would be great as well, it doesn't seem like it's possible?)
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    I'm not seeing that behavior. If I click and drag a token that is not currently selected as a player or a GM, then that token is selected and moved. I tried on both.


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    Hi Moon,

    you are absolutely correct! D'oh! I set another session up last night, as previously, and it worked just as you say it should, and I hoped it would. I can only exclaim 'user error!' and hang my head! Apologies.

    This does bring about an interesting point though. In my setup I'm trying to get my players to move their tokens on the second, 'localhost', instance, displayed on a tv laid flat. This has meant me working with software that allows 2 mice to run simultaneously (this may be a large part of the user error I was seeing) otherwise I need to access the second instance with my mouse and manipulate the player tokens for them, which is difficult both logistically and because the player display is flipped so that it is orientated correctly for them, which of course means I either have to use the mouse in reverse or come around the table to interact with the tv displayed map. This is why I'm trying the second mouse option, but, as I am now seeing, it may be too confusing for my players (the second mouse pointer need to be first clicked to pull focus to it before it can interact with the player tokens).

    This then perhaps adds weight to Bolstaf's request to be able to force LOS to activate by clicking on a player's token from the GM's map rather than the players map? I think there are several ways face-to-face games are being played, with FG being the hub of the session. One is that the player's display is just for reference and they do not interact with it physically, just telling the GM where they want to move, which the GM then does for them on the GM's map. Another way, and the way we are set up, is to display the players' map and tokens on the tv, and use miniatures on top of it. I move all the NPC tokens and the players (for ease of use) move the corresponding NPC miniature for me, on the tv/table-top. I was then hoping/intending that they would then physically move their PC mini to its desired destination, then move their token along that path, allowing LOS to reveal the map and maybe interrupt their movement if an NPC etc. comes into view, thus pulling their miniature back to that position (almost like a hybrid token lock/movement approval solution). But if the logistics of using 2 mice (one for the GM and one for the localhost player instance) is too confusing for my players, it would be great for there to be an option for me to move their token, with LOS activated, along their miniature's path for them. Presently I can move their token, but I can't activate it's LOS.

    I know that face-to-face usage is likely still an edge case for FG at the moment, but I think that it will become less so as time progresses, now that we are much more able to find players locally, and I would love for FG to remain at the forefront of this new(er) paradigm. We all know there are several competing product that are all in for face-to-face facilitation, but at the moment they don't have the depth of organisation and automation that FG offers, but they are starting to catching up!

    I hope all that makes sense, and apologies for my verbosity.



    p.s. sorry for confusing your point Bolstaf!

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