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    Party Sheet - Character Info Obscured by HP Bar

    I wasn't sure where to post this, so I'll start here - This issue is particular to FG UNITY, but also particular to the Pathfinder 2e Ruleset. When I drag a character into the party sheet, the initial display is obscured by what appears to be the health/HP bar overflowing its bounds. I can correct by setting the characters HP to 0 and then back. When the campaign is reloaded, I have to do this again. Here's a capture of what I'm seeing...


    Edit: I'm running the latest build as of this post and I'm on the Mac Client with a late model MacBook Pro running fully patched macOS Catalina.
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    I'm hesitating to cross post - Should this report have been posted to the PF2 forum instead?

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    No, this is the correct forum to be posting Unity issues on.
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    I've just pushed an update for multiple rulesets that should address the health bar issue in party sheets. Make sure to run an Update, and try again.


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    Confirmed -this is working properly after update! Thank You!

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