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    Recent Updater Issues and Feedback

    Hey folks, Ryan here.

    Some users have experienced recent updater and installer issues of late, and I've been looking to address these in a central location.
    This will be fairly detailed, so apologies to the verbosity, but I'd like to point to these later.

    Please feel free to email me directly at [email protected] for any and all Updater+Installer issues.
    -Especially if you have log files as listed below, as some may contain info such as your FGU key.

    I'm planning to be available for debugging sessions via gchat/skype/etc to get to the roots of the issue, so either we can sort out a time via email, or I am planning to take time for chats/calls particularly between 1pm CST and 3pm CST M-F on a first-come first-serve basis. I know many folks will be at work, so email may be best, and as I said we can schedule another time if needed.

    Current Installer Links
    OSX Installer
    Windows Installer
    Previous Windows Installer (For those having issues with the latest)

    FGU Program Structure
    A brief overview of the individual programs at play here.
    FGUWebInstall.exe (Windows) and FGUWebInstall.pkg (Mac) both install several programs.
    -FantasyGroundsUpdater.exe (Windows) and .app (Mac) - This is a program to elevate permissions for write access to the install folder, and also assists in updating the updater itself.
    -FGUpdaterEngine/FGUpdaterEngine.exe(Windows) and .app (Mac) - This is a Unity application that does the bulk of the updater process. This is the front end program to manage settings and download content.
    -Note: There are a number of other files and folders associated with FGUpdaterEngine as a Unity application, and at times it may be useful to see a screenshot of the contents of these folders especially with some issues below.

    Note here that the installer itself never installs FantasyGrounds.exe or associated files/folders. This is for two reasons, first to reduce installer size, second is that we frequently update so you'll likely have to immediately download a new version anyway.
    When updater is working properly, it will download
    -FantasyGrounds.exe (Windows) and .app (Mac) and associated files and folders (FantasyGrounds_Data, MonoBleedingEdge, UnityPlayer.dll)

    FGU Updater Logs
    To keep them in a central reference location, there are a number of log files that may be useful for troubleshooting issues. Some of these may contain sensetive information, so if needed/requested, please email them to me at [email protected].
    Default Application Dir
    C:\Program Files\SmiteWorks\Fantasy Grounds (Windows)
    /Applications/SmiteWorks/Fantasy Grounds (Mac)
    Default Data Dir:
    C:\Users\ryann\AppData\Roaming\SmiteWorks\Fantasy Grounds
    /Users/username/SmiteWorks/Fantasy Grounds (Mac)

    ApplicationDirectory\FantasyGroundsUpdater.log - Log for FantasyGroundsUpdater.exe/app - Particularly useful if you experience problems with the updater updating itself/If the updater tries to restart but does not reopen.
    DataDirectory/FGUpdaterEngine.log and FGUpdaterEngine_Prev.log - Log for FGUpdaterEngine.exe/app - Useful for most updater issues. Prev file is important if you've had a successful run of the updater after an unsuccessful one. Just a "last backup" of the main log
    DataDirectory/console.log - This is the main log for Fantasy Grounds, and may be useful for me if the link to the updater is lost.
    C:\Users\username\AppData\LocalLow\SmiteWorks\FGUp daterEngine\player.log - Unity generated log file. In some situations, this will help with deeper debugging. Especially in situations where the updater is freezing or crashing.

    Recent Windows Issues
    In the latest build of the Installer (Located Here), we added the Visual C++ redistributable as it is required for Fantasy Grounds to run and a subset of users did not have this installed.
    Unfortunately, for another subset of users, this updated installer seems to be causing issues which I'm attempting to sort out.
    For the moment, until we resolve these issues, the Previous version of the installer is located here.
    For installing the previous version especially, I would recommend deleting your Application directory before doing so.
    It may also be useful to check your task manager before attempting a reinstall to see if FantasyGroundsUpdater.exe or FGUpdaterEngine.exe are running and close them.


    One issue we're seeing with some users is that after installing with the latest installer is that the updater opens (notably displaying v0.33 rather than v4.0.0), and then shortly after crashes.
    This is a tricky one and seems to be due to a Unity file not installing correctly. In this case, it would be extremely helpful to have the Unity log file listed above, since the FGUpdaterEngine.log is often not created in this case.
    -If you have this issue, please let me know if you were prompted for the Visual C++ Redistributable installation during the install process or not. This will help me build some correlation with the issue hopefully.


    Some users have reported that the updater does not open correctly after the install process. I've made some minor changes in the newest installer that hopefully should fix this issue. The installer itself is writing a registry key with the path to the updater, so either the updater is not installing correctly, or the registry key was not writing properly.
    -If you still experience this issue, please let me know, and also let me know if the FantasyGroundsUpdater.log exists. It would also be useful to see a screenshot of the installation directory (and FGUpdaterEngine subdirectory)


    Visual C++ Redistributable install issues
    In some cases, users have reported that the redistributable install is prompted, but will not install (generally because there is another version installed).
    We detect specific registry keys to determine if VC++ is installed, but sometimes it was not working correctly. Again, the changes recently made to the installer in regards to detecting registry keys should help with this, so if anyone is still experiencing this behavior from here on out, it's important to know.

    Recent Mac Issues
    I've seen a couple of issues with Mac lately, and I'm working on following up individually, but generally there have been no recent Installer changes.
    There have been changes to the updater code itself, which will self-update upon install. If you have had recent updater troubles on OSX, I would recommend reinstalling and updating to the latest.

    The current installer is located here

    I am working on a new installer, but I'm still sorting through some new Apple security issues. Look out for that soon.

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    I had to run the VC_redist.x64 in the install directory before it worked.

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