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    [PFRPG2E] Re-implement Damage Reduction effect / Implement Hardness effect

    When PFRPG2E first released, it included the Damage Reduction effect from the 3.5 ruleset. While Damage Reduction itself is not implemented in 2E, hardness is and the DR effect was an appropriate stand-in for hardness. Please either re-implement the DR effect that was removed or add it back in as a Hardness effect.

    First clarity, the effect I'm referencing is "DR++" https://www.fantasygrounds.com/wiki/...PFRPG2_Effects

    Need: The Dragon Pillars in Age Of Ashes book 2 are 'monsters' that are also objects and have hardness. Without DR/Hardness the DM (me) needs to adjust the damage after every attack to compensate for the 'missing' damage reduction.
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    Just realized this should be under the dedicated PFRPG2E sub-forum, if any mods can move it, please do as it doesn't look like I can delete it.

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    Hardness will be implemented in the future. No ETA as yet.
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    You can use "RESIST:14 all" to simulate hardness fairly well as RESIST also includes physical damages unlike the PFRPG ruleset.
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