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    Tomb of Annihilation Group looking for 1-2 more players

    FG License: Ultimate
    Game System: 5E

    Time Zone: Eastern (GMT -5)
    Day of week and time: Saturday 8PM-11ish PM
    If new game, planned start date: 2/22
    Planned Duration & Frequency: Weekly
    Term: Long

    Roleplay & Combat mix: 40/60
    Number of Players in game & needed: 1-2
    Character starting level & equipment: level 1 Per PHB
    Character restrictions: None provided that is a valid resource that is 5th edition and currently used in FG.

    Text or Voice: Both
    Voice software used: Discord
    Will this be recorded and/or live streamed? No

    Hey all, we are currently looking for 1-2 players to add to the group of 4 that we already have from a previous campaign (ghosts of saltmarsh). The current group will be making all new characters for this campaign.

    General Campaign Rules:

    1. I am big on attendance. I am willing to run at least a side adventure depending on where the current progress of the campaign is if at least 2 people show up to play for that evening's session. With this being said, that is gonna cause exp totals to not be equal between everybody. I am ok with that as it encourages people to show up. If the majority of people show up then we will proceed as normal. If not, then the few that do show up that session will get a little bit ahead of everybody else that did not make it.
    2. If attendance becomes a problem without a valid reason, you will be booted.
    3. If there is a question about a rule, spell, etc, research can certainly be done but the ruling of the DM is final
    4. Have fun.

    Character Creation:

    1. Standard Point Buy System
    2. Races, classes, and backgrounds that would be found from most of the 5th edition books that are currently used on FG.
    3. Picking backgrounds will be especially required
    4. All characters will start at level 1 unless otherwise determined by the DM
    5. If a character dies, the player whose character died will be allowed to create a new one at a level that is the party average (rounded down)
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    I would love to play ToA.. what time would it start?

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    Interested. Please contact. I am a little confused. Time Zone Eastern (GMT -5) is that supposed to be +5? If not than I am wrong and my mistake.
    Are you suggesting coconuts migrate?

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    I would love to join! Let me know if you still have room.

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    I would be quite interested. I'm a bit late seeing this post, but if you still need folks I'd love to join and have a couple characters ready to go. A half orc cleric or a bugbear monk.

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    I would like to join. My personal style of play is to facilitate the story itself, not necessarily to seek glory for my character.

    I am comfortable playing just about any class. I like to fit into whatever niche needs to be filled in the party. But one idea I have currently is a human bard who is more of a keeper of lore and a storyteller than a musician.

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    Hey guys, we have 1-2 spots still open for those interested.

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    I am. What does the party make-up look like so far?

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    Are you still looking for players. Would like to play this campaign through. Been GMing groups for last 2 years so would enjoy player a character again.

    Comfortable playing most classes so able to fit in around current party members.

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    There's room for 1 more person

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