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    Dice tower/hidden rolls from other party members

    Hey guys,

    Trying to figure out if there is a way to get this done. Our party is looking for a method that allows someone to roll dice so only the player that rolled and the GM can see it.

    Example: Rouge wants to steal from party rolls a slight of hand. Roll can only be seen by the rogue and GM.

    We know about that dice tower however that only shows the results to the GM. We would like for the player making the roll to also be able to see that roll. Is there a way to accomplish this?

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    Nope, not directly. The dice tower sets a roll to be visible to only the GM. I believe the GM can then take the roll and drag it from chat to the PC portrait and it will send as a whisper, but never tried it.

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    The player doesn't need to see the roll, the GM can just tell him that he failed and fortunately didn't waken the other PC. The next time he fails and wakens the other PC.

    (Never allow characters to use skills against other characters such as deception or slight of hand)

    Heros don't steal from other group members, I will not allow it in games I run.

    - Robert

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