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    Customization of 5e Charsheet


    I'm looking for some direction on how to build a custom character sheet (or modify) built off of the 5e ruleset. The UI functionality I'm looking to make is basically another HP and wound box with different names. Ideally, it would take damage after HP and it would also fire a status effect the same way the wounds box fires unconscious when wounds hits max.

    I'm trying to find the files that would give me a place to start reverse-engineering to see what I can build since that's where my experience lies.

    Level of experience: I have some basic experience working with SQL/JS plugins and messing with custom coded workflows for business applications systems through my job, but I'm not an expert.

    Reasoning: I'm using a home-brew rule that basically turns HP into what "stamina" is from Starfinder and has a much smaller pool of actual health and I'd like the players to not have to track their health manually on the side.

    I appreciate any help provided.

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    Look at this extension: https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...for-5E-Ruleset

    This adds a “Current HP” box and access the HP and Wounds fields. So this should give you a good idea of where these type of things are within the 5E ruleset.
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    There is also a custom decal extension tutorial on www.fg-con.com that I recomend for people getting started with extensions. Not because it is anything like what you are doing, but because it is very simple and will show you some of the more mundane things like zipping, rename, and where to place the extensions etc.

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    It also depends on how much you want to change. If you just want a box to track extra data (like the Hero Points extension someone made at one point); then it's fairly straightforward. If you want to also change the attack/damage resolution mechanics and how it affects all PCs/NPCs; that's a good size project with some complexity.


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    @Trenloe, Thank you! That's super helpful in helping me see exactly where to look!

    @LordEntrails, Thanks!

    @Moon Wizard, Fortunately it's not all that, it's just for PCs and will just act as a layer of tempHP that goes down when a PC takes damage after the PC reaches zero actual HP. The only resolution change I would do is when HP lands instead of firing unconscious it would fire a different status effect (Exhaustion). I'm also going to be ok if the damage and effect has to be edited manually, I was just looking to see if what I wanted to do would be possible.

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