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    2E Ruleset Questions

    (Generic title in case can stick in small questions without constantly starting new threads)


    I notice in several places that when an effect has sUnits set to "minute", it treats it as if it were Turns (10 mins) and when sUnit is null, it is treated as "minute"s
    Is there a reason for this sort of thing? I see that Hour and Day are not reinterpreted.

        if sUnits == "minute" then
          sDuration = sDuration .. " turn";
    function adndOnEffectAddStart(rNewEffect)
    	rNewEffect.nDuration = rNewEffect.nDuration or 1;
    	if rNewEffect.sUnits == "minute" then
    		rNewEffect.nDuration = rNewEffect.nDuration * nTIME_TURN;
    	elseif rNewEffect.sUnits == "hour"  then
        rNewEffect.nDuration = rNewEffect.nDuration * nTIME_HOUR;
      elseif rNewEffect.sUnits == "day" then
        rNewEffect.nDuration = rNewEffect.nDuration * nTIME_DAY;
    	rNewEffect.sUnits = "";

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    in AD&D 1E/2E there were combat turns and exploration turns.
    combat turns were 1min

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    Damned is correct.

    5E has round/minute/hour
    AD&D has round/turn/hour

    AD&D doesn't use minute as a duration, its rounds, turns or hours/days. Effectively round=minute in AD&D. I think in 5e a round is 6 seconds?

    Instead of re-writing all that code I changed the display so that I could continue to use updates/etc from new revisions. Similarly the descending/ascending AC... up/down, it's all the same. Just make sure the players see what they expect.
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    Gotcha. It was to reduce changes to diff on updates.

    I don’t recall the round/minute thing difference in 5E, but easy enough to check once home. It all blends

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