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    AL Game Organizing

    I read the stickyís but was still curious if this forum is the best place to organize a regularly scheduled AL game as a DM. The opís were a little old and wanted to make sure.

    More to the point:

    - Are there formal league nights for the FG community? i.e. Wednesdays?
    - Should I approach running AL games more as a pug/one shot?
    - Is the game calendar still a preferred sign up method?

    I am just trying to get a better understanding from the community before purchasing modules from the Dungeons Masters Guild.



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    What ever night/day/time or schedule is best for you and your players.

    As a campaign.

    Yes, but other methods exist.

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    Some might argue that Discord is a better source for advertising, though I personally found it discordant. I filled a table with superb players in less than a week using this vector.

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