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    What's the Status?

    I've been gone from FG for over a year. I had bought my license right before the Unity announcement, hardly used it (steep learning curve), and then to make matters worse, my laptop crashed, all my information and keys were gone.
    So I'm trying to weight if I should try to get back into FG (or try a different service)? Is Unity out of Beta? If so, is it easier to use? Can I save to the web (so I don't lose everything again)? Can I use it on a Chromebook (since my windows laptop bit the dust)?

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    If you are logged in with your original FG account, the Order History on the Store menu above should contain your license key.

    After you install FG Classic (with the demo installer) and enter your FG account info, the app should redownload all the content you had purchased from the FG store.

    FG Unity is still in beta.

    A search of the forum for "chromebook" should turn up a recent thread about running FG on Chromebook using CodeWeaver's Crossover for Chrome OS.

    Well, those are the ones I could answer!

    As for learning or relearning FG, my advice would be to just start setting up a fake campaign with one of the rulesets you own (FG will walk you through some of the setup steps), then just poke around on the interface, clicking and right-clicking on everything to see what is available and where. This is just exploratory preparation. Then have a look at video tutorials and the guides in the wiki (https://www.fantasygrounds.com/wiki/index.php/Main_Page).

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    As noted above if you bought your license via the store you'll find your license key in Purchase History; if you bought via Steam right click on Fantasy Grounds in your library and select CD Keys to get your license.

    Any and all content that you bought will still be assigned to your account and you'll again see that either in the Store or on Steam depending where you bought it. As noted re-enabling your key will download and install all of your content. You will likely have lost any campaign data (stuff you created yourself) when your laptop failed unless you can still access its hard drive. It sounds like you didn't progress far down that route so I'm assuming that you won't have lost much. You can back up your campaign data to wherever you want either in Classic or Unity (Just don't use a synchronised back up when FG is running).

    Unity is the same as Classic in terms of 'is it easy to use' with the added bonus of a host of new features.

    I'm not sure whether FG runs natively on a Chromebook either in Classic or Unity.

    As for help, well to some extent that depends on the ruleset you intend to use. But I would suggest that you sign up for some classes over at the FG College. https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...-and-then-play!
    If there is something that you would like to see in Fantasy Grounds that isn't currently part of the software or if there is something you think would improve a ruleset then add your idea to the wish list http://fg2app.idea.informer.com/

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    I will second the FG College recommendation. Free classes and helpful instructors.

    Current Projects: Ultimate Undermountain (NYDUM)
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    I was able to get FG running on my Chromebook using the information I found on the forum search. Also, finding my license key and getting it loading again worked. However, the screen resolution is teeny tiny (almost dealbreakingly bad with my vision), the cursor is pretty unresponsive when I click on things, and scrollbars aren't working. It was a much better experience on my Windows laptop, for sure, and would probably be that much better on a gaming PC (if I had one to use).

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    Quote Originally Posted by rhenry69 View Post
    However, the screen resolution is teeny tiny (almost dealbreakingly bad with my vision)...
    Try using the scaleui chat command to adjust the UI scaling. For example:
    /scaleui 120
    That should make the UI 20% larger on screen. It accepts values from 50 to 200.

    Edit: And welcome back to FG!
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