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    PFS2: Quest #1A- The Sandstone Secret @ 4PM UTC Saturday March 21st

    PFS2: Quest #1A- The Sandstone Secret @ 4PM UTC

    Slots have filled up! Thank you for your inquiries. Feel free to post below if we have someone drop out I will message you.

    My usual group of DND 5E group is looking to expand and try out PF2E. We are looking to explore this option with new and veteran players alike. If you are a new player and would like to use a pregenerated character please let me know and I will send you the appropriate information. In game dice will be used, but I will expect you to have a physical character sheet rather than programming your character into FG. Please send me a PM with your experience with PF2E/other TTRPGs!

    Voice: Required over Discord.
    GM Timezone: EST

    Ruleset: Pathfinder 2E, Pathfinder Society

    Time Allotment: Plan for two hours as many of the players will be new (and a DM new to DMing this rulset)

    About the scenario:

    A Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for levels 1–4 (Subtiers 1–2 and 3–4).

    When the Pathfinder Society receives word of a promising, unexplored ruin in Osirion, the PCs set out to uncover the site's secrets. Yet upon arriving, the PCs learn that a different group of Pathfinders has already entered the ruins. Has there been some mistake, is the site's magic playing tricks on everyone, or is there something more nefarious afoot?

    Written by Linda Zayas-Palmer

    DM License: Ultimate

    Scenario Tags: Repeatable

    Game Calendar HERE
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    I am interested, and subscrbed on calendar. Count me in as a moderately experinced PF2 player who is looking to learn to play better.
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    Let me know if you can see the link now.

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    Yes - thank you!

    Quote Originally Posted by Skratching View Post
    Let me know if you can see the link now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jakemtl View Post
    Yes - thank you!
    Will you be needing a pregenerated PFS2E character or do you already have a PFS character?

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    I'd like to play with Kavak Firehands (2361203-2008, Horizon Hunters), a 1st-level goblin elemental sorceror.

    Note: I've already played this scenario before twice (with other characters). So if anyone is new to this scenario, I'm happy to step aside.

    (I've also played various other PF2 scenarios with this and other characters as well as quite a few PF1 and Starfinder ones, both offline and on FG.)

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    I will be busy running another game but if you want to do a dry run or have any other questions, let me know (some PFS2 experience, moderate FG experience).

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    We have filled up! Thank you all for your inquiries!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skratching View Post
    We have filled up!
    I only see five people on the game calendar.

    If you're new to Pathfinder Society play, perhaps you're not aware of the maximum table size there?

    http://www.organizedplayfoundation.o...d-play-basics/ (section "Legal Table Size")

    Generally, scenarios are geared towards four or six players, though Pathfinder 2nd ed. is more flexible in this regard and five can also work well.

    But unless you have personal reasons for capping it at five, I would recommend letting up to six in by default, seven if everyone agrees.

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    I am keeping it low as this is my first time DMing 2E and there will be a lot of new players to help keep the amount of time needed down.

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