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    Hey I am very much interested and would love to join. The Friday time works for me.

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    Sent out some invites to people and seeing about getting 4 in from the game and to starting planning. If you were available for Friday and you haven't gotten a PM from me let me know.
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    If you still have room, I would be down to play.

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    Had a player drop out have room for one more. Still level 1 with 4 players.

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    I'd be interested in joining in. Have some experience with pf. Have mostly played spell-caster classes.

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    Currently playing 10pm MST if that works for you. Have an all melee group as of now. Send me a pm for some more info

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    If you are starting a Wednesday game would be glad to join, I am off every Wednesday so time is not a issue would most likely try to fill the group.

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    I would also be interested in a Wednesday night game from about 7 or 8 PST. So hard to find people that time zone. I play PF1e and 2e so know the systems.

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    Hi wasn't sure if all slots were filled but if there is room I'd love to slide ^_^ , familiar with pfe1 and DnD 2-3.5 and 5e

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